English Language Development

ELD stands for English Language Development. These classes are designed to help students become proficient in academic English.

It is one thing to speak and understand English, it is another undertaking to obtain academic English proficiency. This can take 4-7 years, and is necessary in order to reclassify, or exit out of the ELD program. If you are in ELD don't be discouraged with the process, instead, listen to your teachers and enjoy the process! (Your teachers are awesome!)

In order to reclassify ELD students must:

1) Pass the ELPAC

2) Read at a passing Scaled Score Lexile

3) Receive ELA and/or ELD teacher recommendations

4) Receive parent approval to exit the ELD program


In alphabetical order, our ELD teachers are:

 Ms. Laatsch
Ms. Mercado

Scaled Lexile Score

A passing Scaled Lexile Score is different for different grades.

6th Grade:
Beginning Yr 990- End of Year 1010
7th Grade:
Beginning Yr 1060-End of Year 1080
8th Grade:
Beginning Yr 1125-End of Year 1140

If you are not reading at the Scaled Score listed above, you do not meet the requirements to reclassify.
Make sure you know what your current reading level is, and have a goal for what you want to reach!


ParentVUE and StudentVUE
You should check ParentVUE multiple times a week to make sure that you don't have any missing assignments, and that you don't have any Ds or Fs in your classes!

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