Advanced Tech / Robotics

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Students in this class should have a high interest in computing, coding, and electronics.  In this class, we explore all of these concepts with robotics.   This will provide the students with experience and challenges using coding, electronics, and 3D engineering to attempt to solve challenges and compete with other students to solve problems and gain knowledge in critical thinking skills.  

Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robots

Students are paired with a partner to build and program a Lego EV3 Mindstorm robots.  They utilize Makecode Mindstorms to program their basic robots and solve challenges such as moving the robot through a maze, using sensors to follow a line, and the the sumo wrestling challenge.  Students will be provided the opportunity to customize their robots and be creative with their programming.  Since this is a paired activity, students also learn soft skills such as working and brainstorming with a partner to solve these challenges.

Electronics with Micro:Bit / Arduino

The next stage for these students is to learn about electronics using either a Micro:Bit, or the Arduino.  Students engage with sensors, LEDs, and Breadboards to complete circuits and engage motors and servos.  Students with the Micro:bit will program with Python while students with an arduino will utilize the Arduino Language based on C.   This gives the students the ability to invent new gadgets, utilize radio communication and activate motion through motors.  They will ultimately use these new skills to build their custom robot utilizing3D printed or laser cut parts. 

3D Modeling and Printing

Students will learn how to model in 3D using OnShape, a web based parametric modeling tool. This allows them to test design ideas and build various components and parts before printing them using our 3D printers.  This customization will allow students to design around their Micro:bit, or Arduino and their other electronic parts to complete a fully functioning and moving robot. 

The 3D printing module will discuss the various ways we can 3D print using our FDM printers in class.  This covers the various issues and constraints of 3D printing such as overhangs, layering, snap together parts and hinges.  Students can use the 3D printers to build custom parts for their final robot project. 

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