CJSF - California Junior Scholarship Federation

The mission of the California Junior Scholarship Federation is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle school students in California.

Students in 7th or 8th grade who wish to become members must fill out an application based on their semester report card. Applications are available in the counseling office and must be completed every semester for membership. 

Applications are generally available in January for 1st semester grades and in September for 2nd semester grades of the previous academic year. Counselors will make an announcement on WPTV when applications are available and deadlines
***No applications will be accepted after the deadline.***

Students who earn no less than 8 points in academic (math, language arts, science, history, Spanish) subjects on their semester report card are eligible to become a member of CJSF. 
Points are calculated using the following scale:
A= 3 points
B= 1 point

1 additional point will be given for an A or B in accelerated math, Spanish 1, and all honors classes (maximum 2 points)

No Ds, Fs, or Us (citizenship) allowed in any subject area. 

Students who meet CJSF eligibility for 3 semesters will be recognize at their 8th grade promotion.