6th PE Syllabus

*HELLO and WELCOME to Woodland Park Middle School Physical Education!

Mission Statement: The mission of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

Daily Participation: Students have the opportunity to earn 5 daily points for unit & fitness activities. The campus/track mile assessment will count for 10 points. Student’s attire, work ethic, attitude, sportsmanship, and conduct during class determines their daily point total.

Making Up Lost Points: Students can make up absences by completing one sports report and one lap around the track. If a student misses the campus/track mile due to an absence, illness or injury, they may make the mile up after school on Wednesdays. Please check with your PE teacher for the monthly mile makeup schedule.

Grades: A student’s grade is determined by the number of points earned as a percentage of those available as follows: 

 100-90% = A; 89-80% = B; 79-70% = C; 69-60% = D; 59-0% = F

*Following the rules of conduct, demonstrating fair play, positive peer/social interaction, and sports etiquette determines their Citizenship Grade (NO BULLYING)

Locks and Lockers
:  Each student will be assigned their own locker and issued a lock.  Combination locks will be provided by the PE department.  It is VERY important that students do not reveal their combination to anyone.   Students must LOCK ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS UP EVERYDAY to prevent theft.  WPMS is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the locker room.  If a student loses a lock, they will be required to pay a $7.00 replacement fee.  NO PERSONAL LOCKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Excused From PE: A note from a parent can excuse a student for one to three days-after which a Dr.’s Note is required to excuse a student from participation in PE. If a student will be unable to attend PE for more than 10 consecutive school days (i.e. Vacation, Medical, etc) arrangements may be made with their teacher to make up missed points.

P.E. Activities:

Students will typically participate 3 days each week in a Fitness Activity (Mile, Sit & Reach, Trunk Lift, Curl-ups, Push-ups, and/or activities that promote fitness levels) and 2 days each week in a Sports Unit (Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, Football, Basketball & Volley Tennis).

If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact your student’s PE teacher:  Thank You…



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